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Winning in the Digital Age by Nitin Seth: book review

When I gave my interview for my job, apart from asking all sorts of textbook questions, the chairperson suddenly asked me “tell me, what do you hate to do when it comes to working?”, I took a second to understand if that was a trap for me. I went ahead and told them I don’t like to write lengthy reports and crosscheck all the data sometimes. He smiled and told me, “well majority of the business depends on those data”.

That’s true.

I may love my “actual job”, but not necessarily the report-making portion. In all honesty, it’s boring and mundane admin work that shapes the trajectory of the workflow. Ask any young entrepreneur or big sellers, they all feel like admin work is one of the most tiresome things to do.

As a person who both works and buys things (impulsive buyer) online cannot stress enough how digital media is shaping our lives. It not only connected me with my school friends but also introduced me to the whole world of the passion-driven economy (aka social media influencing/marketing). Yes, one may love what they are doing wholeheartedly that doesn’t mean all of their love and hard work is getting converted into currency. How one strengthens their bank account depends on several factors like how one is behaving and using digital tools.

one might say oh I don’t get this AI and algorithm and don’t want to learn about it. surely, one can, but if they are focusing to earn moolahs at this age you can't just turn your back from these things.

Nitin Seth in his book focused heavily on the importance of a data-driven economy and how to use it for one’s growth. He also shared how important it is to keep on learning digital marketing tools, no wonder why there’s a sudden rise in the enrolment of AI courses of udemy and Coursera-like platforms. In a nutshell, we all want to rise high above and there’s no wrong in aiming that growth for ourselves, but growth doesn’t come on its own, one needs to keep on pursuing it and maintain it in this volatile economy.

Winning in the digital age is for anyone who wants to succeed in the corporate world or have their own business. The fun part is that the very ideas and strategies shared in this book are both encouraging and can be applied in any industry.

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