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The Part I Left With You by Rahul Saini: book review

Romantic short read to pep up during harsh times

When we talk about love, it puts us in a position of dilemma. Every human is different and so their experiences with love are also different. There is no universal way to react to being loved or getting heartbroken and I think, this uncertainty is what makes love so exciting.

The book starts with Ratna, a college girl, reading poetry in the class, and eventually, she ends up meeting the author whom she worships and is kind of obsessed with. The version of the person she created in her mind isn’t what he actually is, yet she is determined to understand him and know all the secrets of the author. It makes me think that as a reader we all have an idea about a person even if they are strangers and somehow we want to satisfy ourselves that the version of that person we have created is true.

The character, Ronit Sachdeva, is introduced as the author in the book. The author is shown to have a relationship with Nitasha which ended over a year ago. He carries the grief with him. Ratna gets to meet the author and is disappointed. The man of his dreams seems imperfect in real life. He carries a shabby attire and is lost in himself. The author is seen to be struggling with his work. He develops a narcissistic personality over time, maybe as a way of coping up. He thinks that shallow-minded audiences don't deserve his masterpiece writings. He wants others to review him and expects only positive feedback in return.

We meet Nitasha, who is recovering after heartbreak and trying her best to move on in her life. She understands that some chapters are meant to be closed and wants to embark on a new journey. My heart goes out to Nitasha. She slips and rises constantly only to evolve as a mature person every time. The book is mostly written in a monologue pattern where the characters are talking more to themselves and trying to understand one another. There’s a sort of playfulness in the behavior of Ratna which is perfectly balanced by Nitasha. I love how female characters play the lead roles and watching the world unwrapping through their eyes makes it an interesting and heartwarming read.

All three of the characters prove that love changes you with time. But it is on an individual to decide which direction you want to take your life on. Ronit struggles to deal with his emotions but he keeps on moving. Nitasha on the other hand tries to move on with every failed attempt. Ratna also is on the path of self-discovery. She realizes that the initial fascination she had for the author was a facade. This is a story of moving on and serves as a relaxing read.


Does the meaning of love change over time? A young, starry-eyed Ratna finds herself at the doorstep of her favorite author, Ronit Sukhdev, and a little white lie lands her the opportunity to stay at his place for a few days. But Ronit, devastated by his break-up with Tasha, has stopped writing, even as nitasha tries to move on from her past and is on a quest to make sense of her life choices. Funny and heartwarming, this is the captivating story of three very different yet similar people finding their way in life.

The part I left With You by Rahul Saini is published by Juggernaut and to order your copy buy here.


Rahul Saini is an Indian author of contemporary fiction. His books have strong comic tones and present upbeat stories that portray the fun-loving, free-spirited, and outgoing character of today's Indian youth. His first book, Those Small Lil' Things in Life and Love was published in 2008 and made it to several bestsellers' lists across the nation. He believes that today's youth likes fast-paced stories which are either larger than life or which they can relate to. In order to broaden his works' appeal, he avoids addressing themes regarding sex and sleaze. His novels have numerous references to many movies and T.V. Shows.

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