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The Modesty and Majesty of Being by Dhaval Rathod : book review

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Notion Press (27 December 2022)

Language ‏ : ‎ English

Paperback ‏ : ‎ 220 pages

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About the book

Even the brightest stars had a humble beginning as clouds of dust and gas. Along with being majestic, the star is also quite generous with its light. Even the best of the flowers that grace gods were once small seeds in the earth. While holding the most honorable place, the flower is also modest enough to spare its fragrance for everyone around. There is this duality in everything we see around us. The elements of nature, the universe, and even phenomena like love have the quality to be modest and majestic at the same time. The same duality is often reflected in all of us, binding us even closer to the universe and nature than we realize.

‘The Modesty and Majesty of Being’ is a collection of poems that explores this idea from various standpoints. The book is divided into four sections dedicated to the modesty and majesty in us, nature, the universe, and love.

My thoughts

“God is second, / first there is mother.”

Poetry books can be hit or miss for me. Either I fall in love and get obsessed with the author or I absolutely don’t want to read another piece. The Modesty and Majesty of Being was my first poetry book of 2023 and I desperately wanted it to be good for me. And it was a pleasant surprise to me. Divided into 4 parts-

  • Being

  • Nature

  • Universe

  • Love

The author takes us on a gentle road trip of memories and the softness of life. His writing style tugs soft notes of heart and the themes of his works are relatable in our day-to-day life.

A few lines make sense/ to comfort the anxious mind. / a shield of solid defense/ against all things unkind.

The poetries focus on emotions and connect that with nature. Written in lucid language yet leaves a powerful impact in the reader's mind, this poetry book is a gem on its own. The poet takes us on a metaphorical journey of love to heartbreak and finally healing and finding peace within oneself.

“what breaks me/ also takes me/ to a new uncharted way.

As I read his poetries on nature, I encountered a very romantic and observant aspect of the author. He addresses the need for mindfulness and being present in the moment. I love how his writing style is free of pretentiousness and easy to decipher even for a new reader.

About the author

An English educator by profession and a writer by passion, Dhaval Rathod believes that storytelling is a divine art that gives writers an opportunity of touching peoples' hearts, minds and souls. According to him, it is the millions of stories that have lifted the mankind from ground floor to the height of a million storeys.

He has published two books: A Season of Shooting Stars, a collection of poems, and Unleash That River, an anthology of short romantic stories. Another of his short story "The Carpet Connection" is available at Juggernaut Writing Platform for free. He has also written several articles for Rajkot Plus supplement of The Times of India.

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