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The golden book of Business Presentation Skills by Prajeet Budhale: book review

A Guidebook for Entrepreneurs

Businesses have always fascinated me. They do not restrict people to degrees or cubicles. Businesses offer you to fly, “IF” you have the courage that it demands. An absurd idea that you can present to the world is the first and probably the most important step of any business. This book, The Golden Book of Business Presentation gives us practical tips from a successful businessman himself.

Having a business idea and being able to display that in front of people needs skills. Stage fright or the fear to present your ideas to a panel is a different task. If someone gave me pointers on how to know these do’s and don'ts of a presentation, it would be really helpful. This book does the exact same. Written in a workbook format, it gives the reader an immersive experience and practical, real-life solutions to the real-life problems that arise during presenting. Ranging from building a presentation to tackling the questions and doubts of the panel that you’re presenting in front of. It throws light on the thought process of the interviewer and the audience and lets us understand their perspectives too.

The author Prajeet Budhale himself has 21 years of experience in business consulting and coaching. So, when someone with that status tells you to do something, you take the advice very seriously. It is not some random ideas, it is a detailed review of those ideas, compressed in a 100+ pages book. I wish I could summarize this book like this book teaches me to summarize my presentations. It is a joyous read. You will learn a lot and gain a lot of insights.


If you're looking for generic ideas about improving business presentations, this book is not for you. Instead, the Golden Book of Business Presentations contains a wealth of tried and tested ingredients for making world-class presentations. It includes critical elements accompanied by a series of steps that you must follow if your presentations are to inform, influence, and inspire the audience to the actions you desire. Each chapter contains a golden rule, which in turn is sub-divided into two sections, 'Know' and 'How'. The 'Know' section will help you understand the concept, while the 'How' section will equip you to apply the techniques to your presentation and business environment. Whether they are to a team, key stakeholders, or a virtual slideshow, the tips in this book are designed to arm you with what it takes to get the maximum out of your presentation. Find answers to questions such as, How to introduce yourself? How to impress your audience? What you should say at the beginning, end, and between your presentation, and much more. Packed with useful tips on creating a blueprint of the presentation, to practicing and going live with it you will find all that you need to know to make an effective presentation.


With a post-graduate certification from XLRI and a Masters in Psychology, Prajeet Budhale is a Consultant, Coach (ICF PCC), and Trainer with 23 years of work experience. Prajeet has worked with over 170 national and international organizations and 40,000 professionals from over 20 countries to help them enhance their effectiveness and productivity. He is the founder of a successful enterprise ( that specializes in bringing Return on Investments in the People and Process Effectiveness space.

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