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Reading Past Dwellers by Samridh Seth

book on desk with a journal.
Past Dwellers by Samridh Seth

Every day we wake up and plan to do the work that can potentially give us a better future and in between all this, we daydream of a higher version of ourselves and imagine all sorts of success in life. Then we turn the mental wheel a bit backward and think about past events where someone or something hurt us or led us to uncomfortable situations and we dwell in that. Nostalgia is a luxury. It lets us think that we have enough time to sit and try to micromanage the events of the past. While we live in the past we miss out on the opportunity to become someone who we really want to. I like to read self-help books only when the author has experienced the book on his own. Why you may ask. It’s simply because unless one experiences it, you really can’t share the wisdom with another person.

“Past dwellers” is a very short book, and the writing style is very crisp. Neither the author wrote pages after pages sharing his experiences nor did he keep on giving rational evidence to prove his point. Both of those things are there but in a manner that is just enough to convey the message. As I kept on reading the book, I found that he lays down a path for us to follow and get inspired, and make our own path. He talked about why certain things do and don’t work. Also, he inspired the need for certain tiny behavioral changes to make in order to live a better life.

In a particular section, he explained the need of developing multiple skill-sets and diversifying our knowledge base because that’s what time demands. In a way, he talks about the need of evolving one’s own mindset with changing times. One of the things I really enjoyed was giving ample amounts of examples and illustrations while explaining the concepts. The market is already overflowing with hefty motivational books that work less on wisdom and more on filling the pages with the exact same thing.

This book stands out for the concise wisdom that it delivers.

Past Dwellers by Samridh Seth is published by AuthorsUpFront and can be ordered here.


Born and based in London till the age of 10 and thereafter, Samridh Seth moved several times between a few cities in India and finally to Dubai. He did his middle and high school in India and his final two years of IBDP at Charterhouse Boarding School in the UK. he is currently pursuing Physics as his chosen major at Boston University, USA. Samridh took a gap year at travel and pursue various work experiences across sectors such as banking and investment, aviation, refining, petrochemicals, offshore drilling, shipping, retail and corporate management, to find his passion and a path that he wants to follow going forward to build his future.

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