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Mindf**ked by Anubhav Agrawal: book review

when its 4 a.m. and you can't stop overthinking

About the book

Subah ke 4 baj gaye, lekin yeh dimaag hai ki sochna band hi nahi kar raha hai. Khud ke baare mein sochna, kisi aur ke baare mein sochna, kisi cheez, kisi jagah ke baare mein sochna, kuch hone wala hai ya kuch beet gaya ho toh uske baare mein sochna… Lekin jab hum kisi cheez ke baare mein zaroorat se zyada sochna shuru kar dete hain, dikkat wahin se shuru hoti hai. Overthinking sirf humari mental health ko affect nahi karta, balki humare mood ko bhi kharab karta hai, humare rishton aur professional life mein bhi pareshaaniyan laata hai. Jab tak hum normally kuch soch rahe hain, tab tak sab sahi hai, koi pareshaani nahi. Lekin jahan humne zarurat se zyada sochna shuru kar diya, wahan se humari pareshaaniyan badhne lagti hain.

Why Not Me? A Feeling of Millions ke bestselling author Anubhav Agrawal ki nayi book, Mindf**ked: When It’s 4 a.m. and You Can’t Stop Thinking (Hinglish edition) mein diye gaye solutions se aap overthinking ko control kar sakte hain, aur apne mann ko shaant kar sakte hain.

Pages: 240

Available in: Paperback

Language: English

Publishers: HarperCollins India

Order your copy: Here

My thoughts

How much can you think? about what happened 2 years ago, or that of office work that’s on the verge of crossing the due date, your much-needed and long due appraisal, submission of assignment, hot and cold signals from your partner, the list goes on and on. And trust me, you are not exclusive to these problems, in fact, these are so much part of our lives, it actually defines the majority of our adulthood. As the author says, there's a thin line between thinking and overthinking and that thin line determines the course of your life, not necessarily the issues that are keeping you awake at 4 am.

2023 is just around the corner and this is the best time to bring small changes in our daily routine and also develop a “growth-oriented” positive mindset. After all, how can we feel energetic if we don’t fill our minds with good, uplifting thoughts? That’s where self-help books like Mindf**ked come to our help. In just 200 pages the author, Anubhav Agrawal, covered all the important spheres of our lives. Just like the best self-improvement books out there in the market, the author writes in a very crisp and relatable manner making it one of the good books to read for self-growth and achieving one's full potential in life. it feels like talking to your higher self or elder sibling or even a friend, who navigates us during our difficult days.

The book is divided into chapters like family, personal life, relationship, career, and education. He lays out an action-oriented plan in order to face the reality. On no pages, he sugarcoats his words and the honesty in his writing style is what I appreciate the most. He focuses on changing one's mindset rather than complaining about how unfair the world is. In a nutshell, I highly recommend this book.

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