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Marriage in the time of Corona by Arvind Bhatia: book review

Perfect comfort read for the weekend

It’s an exotic virus, it won’t reach us. No one anticipated this. Businesses were put on hold, students not being able to join colleges or finish degrees. Exams getting postponed for eternity and whatnot. It’s a story of two lovers who already had to delay their marriage twice and then came the dreaded pandemic. It is a story of a couple from different cultures, different countries coming together in the most impossible phases of human history. Covid-19 brought along a huge population that did not know how to react to the situation. The government imposed the lockdown and everything stopped. Between all this chaos, two lovers in a very Bollywood way decided to move forward with their decision to spend their lives together.

If you imagine a North Indian wedding, a mob-like scenario is the first thing in your mind. There are a lot of people being very excited. All of this flipped. With the government imposing the nationwide lockdown, the number of guests got heavily regulated. The book has instances of red-tapism almost ruining the chances of the couple marrying. The odds are obviously not in their favor but they somehow do it.

This is a short book of 100 something pages but the writing style is so impeccable that it kept me hooked. Although being a predictable plot, the author Arbind Bhatia’s writing style kept me hooked. It is a story about love and hope. A Sikh boy and a Thai girl on an unusual conquest to conquer every hurdle on their way to get married. Love holds that bond that goes beyond everything. Nobody can stop you from being together, even if it is a pandemic. It is a special story in which the protagonists are already dealing with a lot of differences. I am not sure if this is the author’s personal story but if it is, well, man, you did it. Have a happy married life ahead.


An incredible journey of a Buddhist Thai girl with a Christian schooling background and her attempt to marry a westernized Sikh boy of Indian descent as the spread of Covid-19 becomes uncontrollable. A love story for the ages filled with a heady mix of adventurous humor and adrenaline in North India as its backdrop along with all the twists and turns that it brings with it.


Arbind Bhatia is a seasoned investment banker who began writing in 2013 while recovering from a near-death accident where he experienced an out-of-body episode. Since this hobby has become a passion and he writes across various mediums including rap lyrics, poetry, short stories, and essays. His themes generally revolve around social injustice and the degeneration of mankind. He is currently in the process of writing his second book which is expected to be completed and released in 2022. He is often found performing at poetry events and with bands across Southeast Asia.

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