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Letting go of friends and relationships

Letting go of friends

When I think about my friends and the kind of bonding, I share with them, I feel how I’ve slowly absorbed some of their habits and traits. One friend who wakes up early motivated me to do it too, one who shares their playlist where I discover my new favorites from, one who asks for my address in the middle of the night to send their recommended book as soon as possible. The unconditional love and bond made out of pure synchronicity.

But I know none of these are lifelong. Friendship is one of the most dynamic things in the world. Today the person whom I consider a confidant may not be the one after a year or so and I don’t mind it either. I have broken friendships before and this could happen again too. Sometimes it was deliberate, sometimes fate wanted it to happen and sometimes they found a new one and that's absolutely okay. What matters is how you take these bonds. Your association speaks a lot about you. If you're surrounded by failures, you will vibe with them so much that even failure will seem comforting. High caliber people, on the other hand, will pull you up one more step. Motivation personified.

There comes the question. Is it rude to leave people because they are not leveling up? To a point, it is but isn't it being ruder and more unjust towards our life if we drag a relationship at the cost of destroying our own potential? I'm not saying that they are a bunch of good for nothing people but it's just that our paths got separated. Priorities matter. Yes, there will be nights when you'll remember them and try texting them and that's okay too. It's not wrong to give yourself an opportunity to move on and make life worth living. Nothing matters the most other than you, your future, and your dreams.

If people want to come along with you very well, otherwise, they can make their own sweet memories. The kind of memories that bring a smile to the face.

After all the biggest friendship we share is only and only with oneself.

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