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Interview with Sudha Nair: author of Strictly at work

Sudha Nair writes romance fiction and family drama and is best known for her Amazon KDP Pen To Publish Contest award-winning novel, The Wedding Tamasha.

Her recent book Strictly at work focused on office romance between Simi and Ranvir and sheds light on both the traditional and modern sides of Indian society.

Simi is a marketeer for a furniture company.

Ranvir is an analyst at a finance startup. At Bizworks, a swanky co-working space, their paths aren’t meant to cross. But as circumstances bring them together, again and again, they find it harder to deny the spark between them.

Simi’s family is pushing her towards the “perfect” arranged marriage, while Ranvir is in a live-in relationship. When their personal lives clash with their attraction at work, Simi and Ranvir must decide if they want to be more than just co-workers...strictly at Work is a story about love, relationships, and defining choices.

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