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In conversation with Shiv Aroor: Defense Journalist and Author

Ever since I read India's most fearless book back in 2017 I always wanted to talk to the author about how he gathered his information, his life, and his experiences as a defense journalist. Finally, I got a chance I would like to say wild luck of mine, he agreed to give an interview. As much as I was excited truth to be told I was hell nervous. talking is one thing snd interviewing someone whose books give you goosebumps and whose works you admire is different.

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About the Author-

Shiv Aroor is an Indian journalist and author. He is an editor and anchor at India Today (TV channel). He is also a defense correspondent, having done conflict reporting from defense zones such as Kashmir, Sri Lanka, and Libya.[1][2][3][4][5] He also runs a defense website called which he founded in 2007, which was a winner in the 2012 and 2013 DefenceIQ Blogging Awards in the category Regional Defence blog.[6][7] He is a post-graduate in international journalism from Cardiff University and a graduate from St Stephen's College, Delhi.[6][8] He wrote the fictional book, Operation Jinnah, in 2017 _Taken from Wikipedia

Reach out to the author here and here.

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