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Friends behind walls by Harshikaa Udasi: A book review

Friends behind Walls is a perfect book for young readers

Something I really love doing is to go back to my childhood books and read a couple of pages. They are like a warm hug that calms down my nerves and takes me back to the orchards of my grandparents’ home.

Here's a story of two kids Puttu and Innu on a mission to know why their parents don't allow them to play or talk to each other. Narrated from the point of view of two kids, the author explores competitions, rat races imposed by parents which damage friendships, sow seeds of rivalry, and gives way for petty arguments between neighbors. Where ego and superiority complexes play a major role, we get to see the reluctance of society to solve issues and bring change for good. Definitely, an apt read for the kids to develop moral values and ethics. Since it's written in a very easy language, young learners and readers will love it as much as I enjoyed it.

Friends behind Walls by Harshikaa Udasi is published by Puffin Books (Penguin India) and to order your copy buy here.


She may have spent 19 long years as a journalist with leading publications but Harshikaa Udasi promises that none of those years have made her super serious. She still cracks jokes at all the wrong times. When she isn't chasing her son for homework, food and other mommy obsessions, Harshikaa runs Book Trotters Club, a reading club for children, in Mumbai. And yes, she writes books! Her first, Kittu's Very Mad Day, was shortlisted for the MAMI Word to Screen 2017 and won the prestigious FICCI Publishing Awards 2017 for the Best Children's Book (English). She is also the author of I Absolutely Totally Instantly Have To Have A Dog and has contributed short stories to On Your Marks: The Book of Crazy Exam Stories and Flipped: Adventure Stories Ghost Stories.

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