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For I pity them by Potterhead Aanya: Book review

peeking into the mind of an inquisitive teenager

“I hate people that feel entitled

Look at me crazy 'cause I ain't invite you

Oh, you important?

You the moral to the story, you endorsing?”

If you have watched Black Panther you probably remember this track by Kendrick Lamar. Somehow all the time while I was reading this book, I kept on humming this song. Aanya, a 13 yrs old teenager went on a journey of self-discovery as she penned down her thoughts in her debut work “For I pity them”.

We, as adults have this misconception that children don’t understand the norms of society. It is perhaps a way to underestimate anyone who is “below” us. For we constantly compare ourselves with everyone. As if all of our hard works and merits and wealth need validations. In a way to feel good, we harm ourselves by self-pitying and criticizing.

The book is written in a format of the conscious flow of thoughts, intermingling with short bursts of prose, essays, and poetry serves as a window to peek into the mind of an inquisitive teenager. As she explores her mind we follow a pattern of her frustrations towards the ever-increasing human greed, tendencies to blame fate and everyone else except us, coming out of her own insecurities. She pointed out the hypocrisies that function here, the judgemental attitude, pretentiousness, which all stem from the very our insecurities and narrow beliefs.

It is remarkable to see how a teenage mind is observative of the chaos of the world and the disturbing behaviors of adults. The notion that wise people are older, breaks here. Some books can be read in one go and etch a mark in our mind, this is one of such books.


Pity, what is it? It’s the feeling of sorrow and compassion caused by the sufferings and misfortunes of others. I don't pity those who are poor, ill, dying, yes I do feel sorry and pain, seeing them in such a condition, but I pity those who are rich, spoiled and have everything. Why? Read on......


Potterheadaanya is a teen girl, who loves to read and write. Her other hobbies are playing and listening to music, dancing, and doodling, for more information about her, you can visit her blog at

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