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Book review of The girl in the glass case by Devashish Sardana

About the book

A jealous psychopath hunting another serial killer to regain lost limelight.

A feisty young detective caught in the crossfire.

Can she end the carnage before she joins the body count?

Simone Singh, assistant superintendent of police, would rather spend her days locking up criminals than apologizing for her lack of social skills. And she refuses to let anyone stand in the way of her pursuit of the Doll Maker, a ruthless serial killer who dresses up little kids as Barbie dolls and displays their bodies in glass cases. But Simone knows that time is running out to piece together the clues as the Doll Maker has made it clear that the killings have only just begun . . .

Another serial killer, the Clipper, who enjoyed nine years of infamy as India's most notorious butcher, erupts into an all-consuming rage when he is cast aside by the media in favor of the sick new slayer-the Doll Maker. The Clipper turns his fury into blood-soaked revenge to capture the top spot. As corpses start to pile up, Simone fights to maneuver the Doll Maker into a clever trap. But the Clipper is hell-bent on striking first and regaining the crown with his most grisly murder yet.

Can Simone take down the two serial killers and stop the psychotic competition before it gets out of hand? The Girl in the Glass Case is a jaw-dropping psychological crime thriller. If you like determined heroines, nail-biting twists, and chilling serial murderers, then you'll love this rollercoaster ride.

My thoughts

Imagine two psychopaths competing with each other, to establish and be on the first page of all newspapers as the deadliest and creepiest killer. One kills people for 9 years, other one ends the lives of small boys and dresses them up later.

It has been a while since I have come across a good adrenaline rush-giving book like “The girl in the glass case”, authored by Devashish Sardana. Written just under 330 pages the author has penned down a book that grips you from the very first page.

Doll maker and clipper each competing with each other and running terror in Bhopal. On the other hand, Simone ASP a ruthless officer has her own share of a reputation of being an introvert. Both psychopaths with their own traumatic stories expose the darker side of human nature. Devashish with his gripping, nail-biting plot, also sheds light on how society treats trans-sexual and non-binary individuals. The unkind behavior starting right from home impacts the mind of a young person and ends up affecting their mental health. The author penciled eloquently how women officers have to struggle in the workplace to prove their “worth” unlike their male counterparts. Written in very easy language I love how he pulled out this plot without slowing it at any point. With its engaging narration, I find this book absolutely amazing to read during the weekend.

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About the Author

Devashish Sardana is the author of The Apple, an Amazon Bestseller which won the second prize among 5000 entries at the Amazon India Pen-to-Publish Literary Award 2019. Devashish's second novel - The Girl in the Glass Case, a nail-biting psychological thriller - will be published by Penguin Random House in January 2022. Devashish also writes 100-word thrillers on 10x10 Thrills, a blog on both Facebook and Instagram with 150,000+ followers. The blog reached over 12 million readers in 2020. He lives in Singapore with his wife and college sweetheart, Megha. He currently flits across the globe selling hope in a jar (beauty creams).

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