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Book review of Ichibun: the secrets of Japanese Precision by Kosuke Sendo

About the book

Learn the Japanese way of avoiding problems, identifying threats and managing errors.

Whether in the business or technical field, this book is your go-to guide for managing and avoiding problems in your area.

Immerse yourself in and learn from forty-nine short stories based on actual events from Japanese aviation and other Japanese business fields.



My thoughts

It doesn’t matter how big or small the problem is, all it matters is how you deal with or tackle the situation. More than often we face unwelcomed situations in our day-to-day life. Sometimes, we lose our hope and positivity and focus solely on “how overwhelming the situation is”.

Author Kosuke sendo focused exactly on such an issue. Our daily struggles and how to overcome them, in a respectful and logical manner. divided into 5 parts the book follows forty-nine stories and explored how to achieve maximum precision and lead a holistic life. There are plenty of things to learn from each of these stories, starting with the first one where the pilot faced a life and death situation, not just his but also of the entire crew of the flight as they navigated in terrible weather. One of the primary lessons from the book is to follow all the instructions or let's say advice told by the adults or seniors but also keep a logical view point open all the time. Following anything or anyone, without thinking twice, lands us in a great disaster.

The author emphasized the need to keep emotions at bay while taking major decisions, he, in turn, delved into our behavioral and physiological tendencies of us.

Some of the important pointers from the book for me were

1. Gather information about your problem. Analyse-it, and try to find multiple perspectives on it.

2. In life it's very difficult to satisfy all the conditions at the same time, thus avoid listening to devils whisper.

3. Its always better to take the advice of someone who is far more experienced in the field rather than following the hierarchy of the organization

4. If you prepare yourself with the idea that you are responsible for everything then nothing can scare you.

I find this book an excellent read to navigate various issues life throws at us and especially a perfect book to gift anyone who is working on the frontline.

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