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Be you by Chris Cirak: book review

Do you read self-help books?

Self-help books have a reputation of being preachy. How clichéd it sounds when someone says that the answer you’re looking for is within you. People often look out for magical remedies or some one-size-fits-all advice. Oftentimes people forget that the real knowledge lies in simplicity. When you don’t overcomplicate things, you are meant to understand your feelings better.

Be you, divided into chapters that talk about emotions and issues that we face regularly. Each chapter feels like a cozy hug. The beauty of self-reflection is that it works only when you experience a range of emotions. The best thing I like about this book is that it gets as deep as its reader. It depends on you and your mental state that how you perceive this book. For someone who is a beginner, this may seem like too much, for a person who has already been through things, it may seem relatable. If you think about attachment, relationships, purpose and seem to end nowhere with your thoughts, this book may serve as a good starting point.

Chris Cirak has covered almost all major topics that a person deals with. Simple, thought-provoking, and effective, this book is a great read and you can also take it as a workbook and come back to it, to add your thoughts and takes on the topics. The author Chris Cirak is already specialized in a lot of things, a book on self-realization is just another feather in the hat.

Self-care and self-reflection are never-ending. Cirak’s insights will make you think. You will stop and think about your emotions. If we start doing this, the bare minimum, the author’s job here is done. He literally kickstarted your life.


Chris Cirak’s Be You makes ancient wisdom relatable to modern audiences. It breaks down conceptual barriers that can prevent you from gaining transformative insights and empowers you to dramatically improve your quality of life by following a simple, step-by-step approach to reacting less and thriving more. Be happy. Be free. Be you.

To buy your kindle copy of Be you by Chris Cirak buy here.

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